Pork Cutting

pork cuts

The general view is that pork does not particularly benefit from being aged, 3-5 days is typical to hang pork to allow the meat to firm up, but this is not a universal view, and if you wish, we can age pork to your specification.

Pork Cutting

Our easy to use Pork cutting form will enable you to quickly tell us your instructions in detail.

But if you prefer you can contact us by email or phone us 01435 813648 Mob: 07971 405302 to discuss your cutting requirements.

Standard Cut

If you are a novice pig keeper then opting for the standard cut means that you will receive the most common joints and chops from your pig. It will save the hassle of trying to choose from the individual cut list for joints that you may not be familiar with. Once you have tried the standard cuts then you can opt for some different from the individual list next time.

A standard cut consists of

Legs – whole or half joints (bone in)
Chump – as chump steaks
Pork – as fillet
Loin – as chops
Belly – flat joints
Neck End/Shoulders – whole or half joints (boned and rolled)
Head, Hand & Trim – as breakfast sausages

Individual Cuts

For an individual cut, there are many ways we can do this. Some of the more popular options are listed below, but we can cut to your exact specification. We can also cure to make bacon – using the loin for back bacon and/or the belly for streaky bacon. We also cure gammon using leg or shoulder joints, which you can then cook at home to make delicious ham, or have as gammon joints or steaks. The curing process takes 2 weeks for bacon and 3 weeks for gammon, so you may have to collect cured produce separately at a later date. If you want to cure your own bacon or gammon at home we can leave the loin/belly or other joints whole, ready for you to cure.

Legs and shoulders – you might want the bone removed, or maybe the joint cut as leg steaks, or even mince for sausages. The hocks are normally left on the leg joint, but these can be separated and used as mini joints or cured. If you are feeling a bit Jamie Oliver then we can also leave the whole shoulder on the bone, but you will need a big oven for this.
Loin – As well as chops, we could bone and roll as a joint, make baby back ribs, or you may want this for bacon, either home curing, or for us to cure. Other options are as a rack of pork or boneless pork steaks.
Belly – We can do belly slices, spare ribs, or bone and roll it as a joint. Again you can have this for streaky bacon, either home cured by yourself, or for us to cure.

Sausages – We can make many different types of sausages, and also chipolatas and sausage meat – see our Sausages page for details, using our mixes, or you can let us have your own mix.

Burgers – you can also use some of your mince for pork burgers