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Instructions must be received at least two days before date of collection.

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Pigs are normally hung for 3-5 days, which is included in the price. If you wish to hang for extra days, these are charged at £1.50 a day.

Please enter the planned collection date.

Collection is 6am to 2pm Monday to Friday or later by arrangement on Thursday and Friday.

If you are ordering bacon or gammon, this will take 2-3 weeks to cure, and may need to be collected separately.


Each joint will be packed individually in a translucent bag labelled with the cut (eg leg of pork). Chops are packed in pairs and labelled and sausages are bagged in 6's.

Each pig will then be placed in separate large translucent bags.

We can vacuum pack joints and chops, and/or box the pork for better storage/presentation.

- if you select some, you will select which later

- if you select some, you will select which later

Cutting A standard cut consists of :

  • Legs as whole or half joints
  • Shoulders/neck end as boned/rolled joints
  • Loin as chops
  • Chump as steaks
  • Belly as flat joints
  • Hand/head/trim into sausages

If you wish all your pigs cut the same way, then enter the total number of pigs below, and select standard or individual cuts.

If you want to cut only some this way, then enter the number of pigs to be cut this way, and you can select further cut lists for the remaining pigs.

So for 3 pigs,  if you wanted 1 cut as 'whole joints', and 1 as 'half joints' and 1 as mixed joints then you would start by entering 1 pig below, and then you will be given options later in the form to specify the remaining pigs.

Sausage Making

As a guideline from the average 60kg pig you will get 12-18kg of sausages using head and trim.

We do a number of flavours shown below, and additionally you can supply a mix for us to use.

For each type, we will need at least 4.5kg's of meat.

If you specify more than one type, we will make an even number of each, unless you tell us in the additional instructions below.

First Cutting Instructions

    - If you select individual cuts a form will appear