Lamb Cutting



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We can hang/age/mature to your requirements. 7 days is typical and up to 10 days hanging is included in the cutting price. Additional hanging over 10 days is charged at a rate per day (see price list for details)

There are many ways to butcher a lamb, and we can offer anything from a standard cut to highly individual cuts whatever you require.


Lamb Cutting

Our easy to use Lamb cutting form will enable you to quickly tell us your instructions in detail.

But if you prefer you can contact us by email or phone us 01435 813648 Mob: 07971 405302 to discuss your cutting requirements.

Standard Cut

If you are a novice at keeping sheep and lambs then opting for the standard cut means that you will receive the most common joints and chops from your lamb. It will save the hassle of trying to choose from the individual cut list for joints that you may not be familiar with. Once you have tried the standard cuts then you can opt for some different from the individual list next time.

A standard cut consists of

Legs – whole or half joints
Loin – cut as barnsley chops
Best End – cut as rack of lamb
Shoulders – whole or half joints
Chump – as chump steaks
Neck – as fillet
Breast – as mince

Individual Cuts

For an individual cut, there are a myriad of ways we can do this. Some of the more popular options are listed below, but we can cut to your exact specification.

Legs and shoulders – you might want the bone removed, or the joint cut as leg steaks, or we can dice or mince. The shank normally comes attached to the joint we we can separate these for you, if required.
Loin – As well as Barnsley chops, there are noisettes, loin┬áchops, or left as a whole cannon.
Best End – we can French trim the standard rack, or turn it into cutlets or Valentine steaks.
Chump – as well as steaks, this can also be a roasting joint.
Breast – whilst many use this for mince, you can have this as a flat cut, or boned and rolled.

Burgers – part of your mince could be used for lamb burgers