Bacon and Gammon

We can cure for both bacon and gammon.

We dry cure our meats to ensure the greatest flavour. Stored in vacuum packs, this gives an excellent result.


bacon1Bacon takes 2 weeks to cure.

We can slice bacon to you preferred thickness, and pack it in portion bags so that you just need to take it home and freeze to enjoy months of prime bacon. Back bacon comes from the loin of the pig and streaky bacon will come from the belly.




Gammon takes 3 weeks to cure.

We can joint this to size before curing, or slice the resultant cured meat to get gammon to fry or grill for say gammon, egg and chips. Of course you tell us what you want, and we’ll do the rest. Gammon is normally made from either shoulder or leg joints.


We do not produce cooked hams, but if you take your gammon joints home and either roast them with a touch of honey or boil them, you can produce your own hams at home.